Still Moving

‘Still Moving’ is an ongoing project that explores the boundary between cinema and photography, and the interconnectedness of the two media. Inspired by the homonymous book, I examine how cinema and photography have developed and defined themselves through and against one another. A key element that is highlighted in the project is the tension between stasis and motion, two terms inherent to cinema and to photography, and traced are the shifting contours of the encounter between still and moving images.

The project is inspired and plays upon one of the theses on movement by Bergson (quoted below), as described by Gilles Deleuze in ‘The Movement-Image’. The result is an attempt to explore what the idea of movement means for the still image in film, and vice versa.

‘Movement is distinct from the space covered. Space covered is past, movement is present, the act of covering. The space covered is divisible, indeed infinitely divisible, whilst movement is indivisible, or cannot be divided without changing qualitatively each time it is divided. The spaces covered all belong to a single, identical, homogeneous space, while the movements are heterogenous, irreducible among themselves. However, you cannot reconstitute movement with positions in space or instants in time: that is, with immobile sections. you can only achieve this reconstitution by adding to the positions, or to the instants, the abstract idea of a succession, of a time which is mechanical, homogeneous, universal and compiled from space, identical for all movements.’