Sleep Sound



It’s All About Frequency

Sound is frequency. Light is frequency. Nature is frequency. In a way everything is frequency. Audible sound has frequencies that cover a very big range. Each frequency gives a different audible pitch. Visible light has frequencies that are way higher and cover an even bigger range. Each frequency gives a specific visible colour. Trees have frequencies as well, and also, in turn, respond to frequencies in their environment. It is beyond imagination, but we are affected and surrounded by these frequencies all the time.

All these frequencies are types of movement and constantly interact with each other. I’m exploring this concept by projecting abstract matter on nature, by using sound and image, to propel these different intensities of frequencies. I do this by going into the woods at night, armoured with a beamer and a laptop, creating audiovisual spectacles in the dark of the night.

All these frequencies are types of movement and exist together, at the same time in the same places, even though the frequency of light is much higher and travels much quicker than sound, and the frequency of sound is, on its turn, much higher than those of the trees. It’s All About Frequency brings these different frequencies and movements together in an interactive audiovisual installation.
By combining something tangible like nature with something abstract like music, and bringing these two together in a visual way by using technology, I hope to achieve something that takes music, nature and the visual to a higher level.

27th of June – 6th of July 2014, ArtEZ Finals 2014, Roombeek Cultuurpark Enschede, The Netherlands

May 2014, ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2014

September 2014, documentary series ‘Artist’s Portrait’