The visitor can pick up a map, providing more information about the different stations and the concept of hyperemployment.

1: The Dayline.

2: The Multi Task.

After each experience, the results regarding the visitor’s hyperemployment levels are written down on the map.

3: The Data Accountant Service.

An invoice is sent to Facebook, Twitter and Google, to let the user reclaim their data worth.

The final destination: Leisure.

‘Your Road To Leisure’ at Media Evolution City, Malmö, Sweden.

Your Road To Leisure

‘In the past, working hours were determined by the locking of the factory gates. Now, changes in technology mean that we take the factory home with us, allowing work to invade every waking hour. This phenomenon is what we call Hyperemployment. Leisure time is in decline, and even what we would call leisure activities are used for someone else’s profit.’

This research project explores the phenomenen ‘Hyperemployment’ and is the basis of an experience based, interactive presentation called ‘Your Road To Leisure.’ The exhibition guides the audience through different experiences in order to determine how hyperemployed they are, and ideally makes them reflect on what this new term means for them.

The first station is the ‘Dayline’, where visitors are asked to visualise their leisure, work and sleep time on a regular day. The goal of this station is to make the user reflect on how they divide their time, and compare it with the ideal 8-8-8 standard.

The second experience is called the ‘Multi Task’, also reffered to as the Hyperemployment machine. At this station the visitor’s level of hyperemployment and ability to multitask are tested in a playful manner. The goal of the experience is for the visitor to complete a simple task, while at the same time bombard them with mails, whatsapp messages and text messages, which are requested to be answered immediately.

The third station, the Data Accountant Service, provides the visitor with insight about how personal data that is generated by online activities that are thought of as leisure, such as hanging out on Facebook or watching Youtube videos, is a way of making profit for these companies. The participant is asked to fill in a form regarding the ammount of time and usage of Google, Facebook, Twitter, et. al. Afterwards the visitor’s dataworth is calculated in dollars, and sent as an invoice to these aforementioned companies, to reclaim the profit they have made of the participant’s personal data.

The final station is called ‘Leisure’. The results of the different stations determine how much time the visitors deserve in the leisure area, where they will be released of their work by receiving pure leisure. Only one question remains: what is leisure?

18th of August, 2015. The Conference. Malmö, Sweden

March 2015. Media Evolution City. Malmö, Sweden.

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