General recommendations in the entrance of the library

Recommendations given by children and youngsters, shown in the department of the library where books for the youth can be found.

Library users get the chance to give a recommendation, when returning borrowed items.

The recommendation has the potential to function as an icebreaker, and open up conversations.

Library recommendation system

This project encompasses the design for a peer to peer recommendation system in the City Library of Malmö (Malmö Stadsbiblioteket). Users get the opportunity to leave a recommendation for the other users of the library, upon returning their borrowed items. The user can make his or her recommendation by recording a 3 second video clip. After recording the recommendation, the borrowed items are handed in as usual. However, the user now has the additional option to register whether they liked or disliked their borrowed items in the library system. Afterwards, the user receives a receipt with a personal recommendation, based on the books, CDs or DVDs they have borrowed and liked before. Moreover, the video recommendation will be displayed in the entrance hall of the library and the place where the recommended item can be found.

This new take on a recommendation system in a public place has been found to not only provide inspiration in a personal way for the visitors of the library, it also makes the community more visible and can be regarded as the hard copy of the everyday life in the library.