Interactive play installation; ‘Wolves of Darkness’

Wolves of Darkness is a game, set in an interactive play installation. The initial thought and motivation behind the creation of the game is to make the player reflect on the effects of light, by creating an opportunity for interactions with light through the installation. Therefore, the concept of the interactive play installation takes into account two different aspects. The first aspect, and the original inspiration behind the installation, encompasses the impact of light and, more importantly, the lack of light on a person’s emotional state. The second layer comprises the explanation of a recurring theme in Norse mythology; the winter solstice. The abduction of the bright, enlightening solar goddess, and the urgency to restore her place among the gods was implemented in the narrative of the game. Accordingly, the goal of the game is for the player to protect Sól, the goddess of light, by fighting off the wolves of darkness who are trying to drain the light.

Different aspects were implemented in the design and gameplay of the Wolves of Darkness, enabling the player to interact with light and aiming to immerse her in the game. I have proposed the phenomenon of ambient intelligence as a means to consider and reflect on the different types of immersion and the gameplay experience. Accordingly, it can be concluded that Wolves of Darkness aims to immerse the player through perception experiences, achieved by the aesthetics of the responsive play environment and through interaction experiences by implementing elements that support kinesthetic and natural interaction in this environment.

Enhancing the gameplay experience of an interactive play installation through ambient intelligence