Ambient display for hospital environments

This project aims to enhance increase the efficiency of clinical work in hospital settings through the design of ambient displays that inform the medical personnel with the health statuses of patients, whilst requiring minimal allocation of attention.


A method and design to solve the concerns regarding the accessibility and safety of the Internet of Things in the domestic environment has been developed through the creation of Auster. The Auster platform, the Data Obfuscation Kit and the Auster app were created as a reflection and reaction to the context of a possible surveillance society in an increasingly connected world, in which the user’s involvement is becoming progressively important.

It’s All About Frequency

All frequencies are types of movement and exist together, at the same time in the same place. However, the frequency of light is much higher and travels much quicker than sound. The frequency of sound is, on its turn, much higher than frequencies in nature, more specifically those of the trees. It’s All About Frequency brings these different frequencies and movements together in an interactive embodied audiovisual installation.

Your Road To Leisure

‘In the past, working hours were determined by the locking of the factory gates. Now, changes in technology mean that we take the factory home with us, allowing work to invade every waking hour. This phenomenon is what we call Hyperemployment. Leisure time is in decline, and even what we would call leisure activities are used for someone else’s profit.’

Algorithms in Nature

There are so many objects or processes going on in nature, without us being aware of it. Thinking computationally about these biological processes can improve the design of algorithms. Computer scientists have relied on biological systems for inspiration, especially when developing optimization methods. I have visualized a few of these algorithms and optimization methods; a genetic algorithm, a particle swarm optimization and the golden spiral / Koch snowflake.

Fear Division: Archiving the Intangible

There are multiple regions in the brain that take part in processing the emotion of fear. Two medial temporal lobe structures that cooperate when emotions like fear meet memory, were taken as a starting point to build an embodied interactive installation.

Still Moving

A project that explores the boundary between cinema and photography, and the interconnectedness of the two media. Inspired by the homonymous book, I examine how cinema and photography have developed and defined themselves through and against one another.

Nationality Reflects

Bachelor thesis in which the influence and reflection of nationality in the graphic design of different countries is researched.